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Your job is a place you should be able to feel secure and protected. If for some reason you feel that your place of employment is not taking care of you or is restricting your rights, you need to contact Vincent Banks Attorney at Law in St. Louis, MO. We handle all employment law cases from job injury to wrongful termination. 

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Employment Law

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Job-Related Injury

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Construction Accidents

Vincent Banks, Attorney at Law

Employment Law Expertise

We have decades of experience handling all legal matters relating to employment law. Vincent Banks Attorney at Law has helped people who have been wrongfully terminated and had work-related injuries or accidents. Our attorney has the knowledge to help guide you to a satisfactory ending to your case. 

Work-Related Injury

If you get hurt while working, it may be something that your employer should be covering. It may be from negligence, poor working conditions, or an unsafe request, but no matter the cause, you deserve to be taken care of and not left hanging. Contact Vincent Banks and get a representative who will help you get what you deserve on your side. 

Construction Accidents

Accidents happen during construction. People and property can be damaged, and it can cost money for everyone involved. If you need to ensure you’re covered in the case of a construction accident, contact us and let us ensure you’re well protected. 

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Don’t take the risk of not being cared for after an accident. An attorney handling your legal case incorrectly can cost you dearly. It’s important to always have someone qualified that you can rely on to represent you. Call Vincent Banks Attorney at Law today and get the care and service you need. 

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